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This seminar is far more than the ordinary educational seminar. We shall study Revelation, the last book of the Bible.
Revelation is a book of prophecy. It explains the past and reveals the future. You will be amazed as our world’s exciting future opens. You will actually see it before it happens. This mysterious book is written in prophetic language. Revelation uses symbols to illustrate its meaning. Sometimes people find it hard to understand. However, Revelation becomes easy when you discover the “Golden Keys” that unlock the meaning of its prophetic symbols.

Revelation is an open book. It was written especially for our times-the last days of earth’s history. Rev. 22:10-12.
A very special blessing is given to all who study and follow God’s counsel found in the Book of Revelation. Rev. 1:3. So, let’s proceed.
1 Revelation’s Hero Appears.
2 & 3 Seven Symbolic Churches.
4 & 5 Opening a Locked Book
6 Four Mysterious Horsemen
7 God’s Seal for Survival
8 & 9 Seven Terrible Trumpets
10 Eating the Bittersweet
11 Two Weeping Witnesses
12 The Woman and the Moon
13 The Mark of the Beast
14 Three Angels Messages
15 & 16 Grapes of God’s Wrath
17 & 18 Mystic Babylon the Great
19 Rider on a White Horse
20 Satan Bound 1000 years
21 & 22 New Heaven and New Earth
It will greatly benefit your personal life
You will have a new understanding of world history and its perplexing conditions today.
You will see shocking events about to take place upon the earth and be prepared.
You will recognize the centuries-long warfare between Christ and Satan as it affects your future.
You will discover the devil’s plan to ensnare you. Forewarned, you can avoid his traps. God seeks your worship and so does Satan. Many worship the devil today, and do not know it yet
You will be astonished as the great Father in heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ speak to you through the Holy Spirit and the Bible.
The Bible is God’s Word. It is not like any other book. You will receive its enormous rewards only as you pray for God’s guidance when you study.
The study of Revelation will lead you to the most momentous decisions of your life. You will be excited and overjoyed.
You will come face to face with Jesus Christ in a most startling manner. You will see Him in a new and wonderful light. Remember, this Book is the Revelation of Jesus Christ
You will expand and your whole life take on a new meaning as you study Revelation. You will treasure your vast storehouse of valuable information and you will be able to say: “Now I understand the Book of Revelation.

In this seminar, the Book of Revelation will alive for you. When the seminar ends, you will understand the book well enough to give a brief explanation of its contents to others.
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